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How we do it

With the drive towards remote working and consolidated infrastructures, networks are intrinsically important to the performance of applications. It is vital to consider the effects of all applications across the network in order to maximise productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.
Network congestion has traditionally been tackled by increasing bandwidth or by deploying sophisticated Quality-of-Service (QoS) mechanisms. These options can be expensive and are often ineffective as latency is often the issue, rather than congestion itself. Sledge IT Group works closely with its customers to understand their application landscape and identify the business requirements for these over the network. This can be achieved by the non-intrusive deployment of technology to discover network utilisation down to the application level.

This information can help define company policy on application performance across the network. In addition to Traffic Management solutions, Sledge IT Group has considerable experience in deploying Application Acceleration solutions.

Business Benefits

Our Application Optimisation solutions create ‘smarter networks’
by prioritising business-critical traffic ahead of non-critical traffic so that important traffic is not starved of resources by bandwidth hungry (but non-essential) applications.

Our solutions only determine the applications that are being used and do not analyse the actual data being transported over the WAN itself.

Real-time compression and caching of traffic reduces the actual amount of data that needs to travel over the WAN , resulting in a less strain on existing bandwidth.

By identifying bottlenecks, controlling recreational traffic and intelligently accelerating business critical applications, IT departments can costeffectively re-balance end-user supply and demand.

  • Prioritise business-critical traffic ahead of non-critical traffic Reduce the impact of latency on slow applications
  • Eliminate repetition over the WAN resulting in less strain on existing bandwidth
  • Maximise the WAN by scaling the flow  and ‘filling the pipe’
  • Overcome the impact of chatty protocols and deliver applications faster


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